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Our Veterans ... Now & Forever

“Our Veterans – Now and Forever”-- Over 114 wounded/injured/ill service members, family members and guests attended Aleethia’s “Friday Night Dinner” on February 26th which was hosted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the National Press Club.

VFW National Commander John Biedrzycki, Sr Commander Brian Duffy, Jr., Vice Commander Keith Harman and Auxiliary President Francisca Guilford greeted and met with each wounded/injured/ill service member.

Several members of the VFW were in town for the Annual Legislative Conference along with the VFW DC Executive Director Bob Wallace and other staff members join the group as well.

VFW National Commander Biedrzycki told the service members that the “VFW remains fully committed to working with Congress and Veterans Affairs to change the way the VA delivers health care … with the end goal being the delivery of the highest quality integrated care so that no veterans are ever stranded in line again…”

A special toast to acknowledge all the “Caregivers” in attendance! “When America goes to War… Our families go to War….”

It’s Friday … So we have a Birthday to celebrate!!!!

THANKS VFW for all you do for the veterans and thanks for a wonderful dinner and memorable evening!!!

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