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Together from the Beginning!

The American Legion sponsored Aleethia’s “Friday Night Dinner” on April 13, 2018, at the National Press Club. Louis Celli, Director of National Veteran Affairs & Rehabilitation Division welcomed and thanked the service members on behalf of the American Legion. Mr. Celli spoke about the recent changes in the VA care in our nation’s VA hospitals. He spoke of their future VA Healthcare after they retire from the military and other VA benefits.

Over 60 wounded/injured/ill service members, plus their families and guests enjoyed a delicious four-course dinner including a “huge” porterhouse steak.

The “Operation Comfort Warriors” program provided all the service members with Amazon gift cards and awesome items that can be used outside to help the veterans get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Family Fun Times ….

The Aleethia Foundation greatly appreciates the 14 years of partnership and continuous support of THE AMERICAN LEGION. Thank you for another amazing and wonderful evening!

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