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An Evening of Celebrations!

The ABC Board of the State of Virginia participated in the “2014 Sailor Jerry” program to benefit the Aleethia Foundation’s programs supporting the wounded/injured/ill service members recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Jeff Painter, Chairman of the Virginia Department of ABC and Reed Davis, District Manager of Virginia & South Carolina with William Grant & Sons joined 36 wounded/injured/ill service members and their 49 family members and guests for Aleethia’s September 12th “Friday Night Dinner.

Chairman Painter met and spoke with every service member during the evening and presented each with an “Office of the ABC Board” challenge coin. Reed visited each table greeting every guest and distributing various “Sailor Jerry” giveaways. Since 2012, ABC stores of Virginia have raised over $23,000 for the Aleethia Foundation.

Also, during the evening, we celebrated four birthdays from age 4 to 40!

Our special “little guests”…

Hal was out of town but was with us in “spirit!”

Thanks to the staff of the Capitol Hill Club for another wonderful and delicious dinner!

We welcomed Jessica & Patrick, “Rescue” and their family members to join our Friday Night Dinner. Jessica and Patrick were seriously injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon. We hope they can join us again as they go through their healing journey.

Again, we wish to thank the ABC stores of Virginia for their efforts in making this year’s program a great success and we look forward to our continuing partnership!!!

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