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“Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum” 2019 Program
Supporting The Aleethia Foundation


The Aleethia Foundation is dedicated to helping the wounded/injured/ill service members from all over the USA who are healing and rehabilitating at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. With the help of donations from supporters, The Aleethia Foundation is able to continue to support the tradition of the Friday Night Dinners, to provide special grants and to provide direct and immediate assistance to the wounded/injured/ill service members. Even after they return to their hometowns, Aleethia continues to assist and support with unexpected needs.

Since October 2003, over 62,000 meals have been provided to service members and their families who have participated in Aleethia’s “Friday Night Dinner” program. The wounded/injured/ill service members are not only facing difficult medical problems but they are away from their families and friends. A night out from the hospital helps them and any traveling family members to get away from their health issues for a short time and relax. This all helps in the healing process!

“Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum,” named to honor the life and legacy of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. Norman Collins served in the Navy before making his home in WWII-era Honolulu. He established his legendary tattoo shop that quickly became a must stop destination for sailors on Shore Leave who would wait in line to receive Collins’ iconic, Americana flash art work. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum continues to honor Norman Collins and his legacy through programs and partnerships “that honor the man and what he stood for.”

Partial proceeds from every bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum sold in participating states’ programs will benefit the Aleethia Foundation.

Aleethia extends a huge THANK YOU to William Grant & Sons and the USA participating distributors for their continuous support over the past 10 YEARS which has made it possible for us to support these deserving service members and their immediate families.

Hal Koster, Executive Director and Founder of the Aleethia Foundation stated that “We are a volunteer organization that exists because wonderful organizations and programs like the Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Program have shared our vision of support.”

So spread the word!!! Enjoy a Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum beverage at your local bar Buy a bottle Buy a case and support our service members.

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Remember to drink responsibly!