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We've been there. We understand.

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States were the hosts for Aleethia’s “Friday Night Dinner held on October 28, 2011.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars “VFW” offers many programs for our Veterans. VFW believes that “our Nation's defenders answer the call to duty selflessly, without hesitation. But all too often, deployments can be incredible financial and emotional hardships for them and the families they leave behind.”

The VFW strives to provide each individual service member with the real support they need and deserve. The programs offered through VFW National Military Services (NMS), aim to lessen the burden on the men and women who are sacrificing so much to keep us free. Helping military families weather long deployments through free phone time and military family activities, as well as providing emergency financial assistance to those experiencing a dire financial situation are just a few of the ways VFW works to support our brave men and women.

Bob Wallace, Executive Director of the VFW office in Washington DC welcomed the service members and their families. Mr. Wallace thanked them for their service and sacrifices. Mr. Wallace and other VFW members in attendance were available to let the service members know about the VFW National Military Services which unites three successful, longstanding programs: VFW Operation Uplink™, VFW Unmet Needs, and the VFW Military Assistance Program (MAP). These initiatives make an incredible difference for our troops and their families.

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