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Music Makes a Difference!

On several “Friday Night Dinners,” Aleethia Foundation volunteers had noticed a young man (Spc Will Cook) with his wife and daughter sitting very quietly and enjoying the dinner but keeping to himself. His conversations were limited to a few words. On one particular Friday night at the Capitol Hill Club, piano music could be heard coming from the adjacent room of where the reception was being held. One of the dinner’s guest and a couple of volunteers observed that this quiet young man came alive by playing a Beethoven piece on the Club’s piano … it left everyone speechless.

The dinner guest, Brendan Orsinger was so taken by seeing such a transformation in the demeanor of this wounded service member that he gathered his friends and family members and through their generosity purchased an electronic grand piano keyboard that was presented to Will.

A “shocked” Will looks on as his daughter, Nickie unwraps the piano keyboard

Whenever Will and his family would attend a “Friday Night Dinner,” if there was a piano around…before the evening was over …music would be heard and Will would be found sitting at the piano. Music has been such an integral part of the healing process for many wounded service members. It is these little things that do so much.

Australian Embassy staff members enjoy a tune with Will

Latest Update on Will and his music

Spc Will Cook (on left) began to play the guitar during his recovery process at Walter Reed Army Medical Center through the Musicorps program. Musicorps is an intensive music rehabilitative music program for injured combat veterans. This program has helped to improve the “quality of their lives, and aids healing, during long and difficult periods of recovery.” Musicorps Artists in Residence are highly accomplished musicians and recording experts who collaborate with participants. Musicorps enables these talented combat wounded service members to move forward, remain productive, transcends disability and do something they love…playing music.