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Time out to relax and enjoy a BBQ

The Intelligence Support Battalion (ISB) is the battalion in the United States Marine Corps which provides military intelligence for the Marine Forces Reserve. They have detachments located throughout the United States and Marines from this unit have deployed all over the world in numerous billets supporting the War on Terror.

Mission Statement

Intelligence Support Battalion provides services and task-organized detachments of intelligence personnel to augment active component elements, joint command, and national agencies in peacetime, times of crisis, contingency, or war.

ISB of the USMC is constantly rotating members to the deployed areas of Iraq and Afghanistan. Each member has had multiple tours. During this year’s annual training held in July 2010 at Quantico, the unit wanted to have a BBQ cookout to relax as an unit.

The Aleethia Foundation found out about their plans and offered to pay for the cost of the cookout. The unit had a great time and appreciated the financial assistance from The Aleethia Foundation. We thank our Aleethia donors who through their generosity provided this USMC unit with a chance to relax and enjoy a delicious BBQ cookout.